Crystalline/Unique Gold Nugget 0.62g SOLD

0.62g Raw Natural Canadian Gold Nugget.

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0.62g Raw Natural Canadian Crystalline/Unique Gold Nugget. The crystalline characteristics of this nugget make it incredibly rare and unique this is a fantastic addition to any gold nugget collector. Measured against a Canadian Quarter (23.88 mm diameter) for reference of size.

Found near Dawson City, Yukon Canada 2023


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16 September 2023

I bought a beautiful crystalline gold nugget recently from Mammoth and it showed up 2 days later. It’s a rare and very cool looking piece that I know will only grow in value. I love the fact that it came from Canadian Yukon soil and was mined from a hardworking, family run, small scale operation. I 100% recommend this company if you’re looking to invest in Canadian gold!

Brody Horrocks

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23 July 2024

I have now bought 2 bags of the 2g guaranteed and 2 bags of the 4g guaranteed pay dirt bags. They were all at least .3g to .5g over, excellent product, and they treat the customers very well, definitely my favorite pay dirt thus far ty!

Donald Harper

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29 June 2024

This is the best gold nugget and gold paydirt company that I have ordered from. The nugget was 100% as described and the 0.5g paydirt bag had high quality yellow yellow gold in it, as well it had 0.64g of gold too!!! I am definitely going to be purchasing more products from this company in the future (loyal repeat customer). The gold paydirt bag was fun to go through (different sizes of gold) and the Yukon dirt was interesting to go through too (it has its own unique geology).

In the past I have ordered from Flash in the Pan, Dan Hurd, BC Gold Adventures, and a few others…

In my opinion, mammoth gold nuggets is the very best company to purchase gold from. High quality gold at a good price.

Michael C. Tylek

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18 May 2024

I caught the fever a little while back and had been testing out some of the other paydirt companies but Mammoth takes the cake! Ordered 1 each of the gram bags and each had no less than 2g per. Also went for the 1tOZ bag and recovered 33.3g! Immediately went back for more and will again I’m sure. Thank you!

Kenny Hensley

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8 May 2024

Great Paydirt! Definitely take care of they’re customers, great product, great customer service ty!

Donald Harper

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8 May 2024

Excellent paydirt got 2.60 out of the 2gram bag going to buy more as soon as I can sorry no photo


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20 April 2024

I just panned out my 2 gram bag of Brennan’s Klondike gold rush paydirt! Wow! Thank you so much! 3.405 grams of awesome looking gold in the bag! Some very unique pieces that made for a beautiful reveal in the pan. Thanks again 👍🏻. Will be posting a video in the near future on YouTube –; Gold Thumb Prospecting


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30 March 2024

Mammoth is a great new paydirt provider. Their product is #1

Customer service #1

Mammoth is my number 1 go-to paydirt company. They stand behind the product 100%. If problems arise they are quick to fix it.

The R.O.I. provides an excellent return.

The gold is phenomenal, nuggets, flakes, wire gold, and of course small amounts of fly poop to round it out. Once you have tried Mammoth you will agree.

I have purchased many bags of Mammoth and have not had an R.O.I. under 100%

Allen Jackson

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22 February 2024

So glad I found these guys. I used a different company for years and they went out of business. Ive tried a handful of others and was always disappointed. So glad to find a new company that delivers excellent quality. I won’t buy from anywhere else. There nuggets are beautiful and there paydirt is excellent. Got more than was guaranteed. Couldn’t be happier. Placing another order now. Quick shipping to Utah also. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Dan Swain

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20 February 2024

Ordered the Fine Gold 1ozt Vial…Received as expected with some extra. Definitely recommend and I will be a repeat Customer. For sure a Top Notch Seller….Big Thumbs Up 👍

Richard B

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10 February 2024

Woo hoo! I found a gold nugget in my candle! So excited! The candles burn so nicely as well!


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8 February 2024

As I write this I am burning one of my candles. This one is not a lucky one but I enjoy having a candle that I can burn that does not make me have an allergic reaction and it can be a lucky one too. Great fun! They are a great company to order from and very fast. I urge everyone to check it out! Can’t wait to check my second candle out! lol


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4 January 2024

Fabulous costumer service and unreal product!! I love the multiple levels in pay dirt bags, they make great gifts!!

Desirae Durand

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4 January 2024

What do you get a gold miner who has everything…. Paydirt and he absolutely loved it

Stacie Donovan

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4 January 2024

Absolutely Au-some nuggets

Brando o

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9 December 2023

Absolutely awesome gold nuggets and paydirt ! 10/10 fast shipping and great customer service if you have any questions

Brayden Olynyk

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19 September 2023

Amazing quality gold nuggets! So beautiful! Thanks for an amazing chance to own such a piece! Im in awe! Premium Yukon gold!

Andrew C

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9 September 2023

Nugget looked even better in person! Highly recommend purchasing from Mammoth Gold Nuggets. A lot easier than digging it up out of the ground!

Graham Chew

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27 August 2023

What a great experience. Questions answered promptly, purchase went off without a hitch, nugget arrive better than expected and on time. I will we watching for my next collectors piece.

Sue Ovington

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Product Description


What is a Raw, Natural Canadian Gold Nugget?  

A natural, raw Canadian gold nugget is a small, irregularly shaped piece of native gold found in its natural state. These nuggets are formed through the erosion of gold-bearing quartz veins and are known for their distinctive bright yellow color and metallic luster. The nugget’s surface may exhibit a textured and rough appearance, reflecting the geological processes that shaped it over time.   

Where are they found?  

Typically, gold nuggets are found where the erosion in the Earth. We know these places as streams, rivers, underground riverbeds and dried-up channels.  

How pure are they?  

Gold nuggets found in Yukon, Canada, vary in purity, often containing a mix of gold and other minerals like copper or silver. The purity can be measured in karats, with 24 karats being pure gold. Gold nuggets from the Yukon typically range in purity between 70-95%. For accurate information on a specific nugget, consulting with experts using a XRF analyzer is recommended as there is no such thing as a 100% pure gold nugget.  

What sizes are available?  

Gold nuggets in the Yukon come in a range of sizes, spanning from microscopic particles that may be invisible to the naked eye, to flakes measuring a few millimeters in diameter, and larger nuggets that can be several centimeters or more. The diversity in sizes, influenced by geological factors, adds to the allure of gold prospecting in the Yukon, where individuals and mining operations search for gold in various forms and dimensions.  

How are Natural Gold Nuggets found in the Yukon?  

Gold nuggets in the Yukon are typically found through placer mining, where gold eroded from veins in rock formations is transported by natural forces like rivers. Prospectors use tools like gold pans and sluice boxes to sift through sediments and extract gold from placer deposits. Larger-scale operations may use machinery like excavators and wash plants. Modern techniques, including metal detectors, are also employed. The process involves a combination of traditional prospecting methods and technology to uncover gold in various forms and sizes.  

How are Gold Nuggets weighed?  

Gold nuggets are weighed using precise digital scales, typically measured in troy ounces (12 ounces = 1 pound) which is slightly different than the typical measurement of 16 ounces = 1 pound. These nuggets can also be measured in grams. Troy ounces, slightly heavier than regular ounces, are the standard unit for gold. The purity of the gold is also considered, measured in karats. Careful placement on the scale is necessary due to the irregular shapes of the nuggets. Larger mining operations may use specialized equipment for weighing larger quantities of gold.  

Why are some nuggets really bright and others seem dull?  

The appearance of gold nuggets varies due to factors like surface oxidation and the presence of other minerals. Some nuggets may appear bright due to their pure composition and minimal oxidation, while others appear dull because of surface reactions with elements in the environment. Geological conditions and the nuggets’ history of exposure influence their luster.  

Why do we use the terms “raw” and “natural” to describe our nuggets?  

Gold nuggets are termed “raw and natural” because they are in their natural state, directly extracted from the Earth without undergoing significant human processing. These gold nuggets form through geological processes, often found in riverbeds or sedimentary deposits. However, it’s crucial to note that some gold nuggets can be man-made, created through processes like gold casting or shaping. The distinction between natural and man-made gold nuggets lies in their origin, with natural nuggets occurring organically in the earth, while man-made ones result from human activities such as refining or molding gold.   

About Mammoth Gold Nuggets: Authentic – Ethical – Passionate  

Mammoth Gold Nuggets is a family-owned company with a passion for gold mining. We have served many satisfied customers. We guarantee that your nugget is an authentic, natural gold nugget and not a manufactured imitation when you purchase from us. We have multiple size options when it comes to our gold nuggets and we believe that your purchase should be the nugget that you desire.   

Nestled in the heart of the Yukon, our gold mining company epitomizes a tradition of excellence in extracting raw and natural gold nuggets. With a deep-rooted connection to the land, we take immense pride in our work, upholding ethical and sustainable practices. Our artisanal approach blends time-honored techniques with modern expertise, resulting in a harmonious balance that defines our commitment to quality. Explore the legacy of the Yukon with us, where every nugget tells a story of generations dedicated to the artistry of gold mining.